Thursday, July 23, 2009

Portland, OR {Part 2}

We had lunch at Deschutes Brewery and it was delish! They have the best garlic fries evah!!! And does there seem to be a brewery theme going on here? Well, it is Portland after all!

Troy ~ Jesse ~ Me ~ Marie ~ Katie

Signs... I LOVE them! Especially the ones painted on the side of historical buidings. I didn't realize I had this passion for old signs until I moved to I see them everywhere. And the older the better!

The fountain down by the river...

The Rose Garden was spectacular! I only wish my camera could have captured the beauty!

Taking the MAX underground back down to the city... very cool!

What is the pacific northwest without coffee?!? This was the cutest little coffee and chocolate shop...

We had to head back home on Sunday...boy did we not want to leave! Jesse, Marie and their terrific family were so fun to hang out with! But on the way home Troy and I promised each other we'd be back...and soon! We did sorta squeeze in one more site on the way home though...
Multnomah Falls was gorgeous. Well, actually I am sure it is much prettier up close but we ran out of time so I had to take this photo going 60mph on the freeway! Next time we will be sure to stop!

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Spencer Family 6 said...

I love the old signs too! I think that after living in SoCal where everything is relatively go somewhere with some history where things haven't been touched in many many years and it is eye catching! I love it when the old buildings still serve a purpose. I wish I could get an old sign for the kitchen or something.....

Love the heart on the foam of your latte`!

Bike ride on the Boise Green Belt

Bike ride on the Boise Green Belt

Never know what wildlife you might see on the river

Tanner...cooling off after a long ride

Chase enjoying the Boise River

Troy and the boys.....

Tanner riding along the Green Belt

Little League Giants Chase Lind #13

Little League   Giants  Chase Lind #13


Little League White Sox Tanner Lind #4

Little League  White Sox  Tanner Lind #4