Friday, July 20, 2012

Oregon Coast - Rockaway Beach

The boys are on their annual trip to California for a few weeks of fun with Oma and Poppa.  They've been to Disneyland, camping at the beach, hanging with friends, lots of swimming and trips to the mall.  Troy and I decided that while they were away we would take a trip to the Oregon Coast.  Sort of an early 20th Anniversary celebration.

First stop on our way up was Multnomah Falls.

 Next stop...the Tillamook factory. We already buy and love their cheese and ice cream so I knew this was a place we would love.
 Yummy fudge...

 Lots of samples...
When we arrived in Rockaway beach we wanted to get some dinner.  We were wandering around downtown and met an old hippie guy named Tom.  He asked what we were in the mood to eat and we said seafood of course...being on the coast and all!  So he led us to this place. The Whale Spout.  Best fish tacos and clam chowder in town!  Yum!

 Cute downtown bench in front of the ice cream shoppe.

 Rockaway Beach.... 

Their rock, just off the beach, kind of looks like a sea monster.  
This view was right out side the inn we stayed at.
The path from our door to the beach...


  I can't believe we've been married almost 20 years!!!! 

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Bike ride on the Boise Green Belt

Bike ride on the Boise Green Belt

Never know what wildlife you might see on the river

Tanner...cooling off after a long ride

Chase enjoying the Boise River

Troy and the boys.....

Tanner riding along the Green Belt

Little League Giants Chase Lind #13

Little League   Giants  Chase Lind #13


Little League White Sox Tanner Lind #4

Little League  White Sox  Tanner Lind #4