Monday, December 14, 2009

Albie's Deals

I ran to Albertson's on Saturday night to pick up a few deals.

The Progresso soup was on sale for $1.39 each. I bought 12 and it totaled $16.68. Then I used four $1.10/4 coupons bringing the total down to $12.28. Because my before coupon total was over $15 I received a $5 catalina towards my next purchase and also 3 double coupons due to the promo sale Albertson's is having this week. If you subtract the $5 off of my soup purchase it would make my soup total only $7.28. And to make this deal even sweeter I got another $4.98 off the total. For every 6 cans of soup you buy you get 1 free broth or $2.49 taken off your total whether you get the broth or not! So my total price was $2.30 for 12 cans of soup...that's only a little over 19 cents a can. That is a great price!!!

The Dannon Light and Fit are on sale for 49 cents each. I purchased 8 which totaled $3.92. I then used two 75 cents/4 coupons I found on and then doubled each of those for a total of $3.00 off. That equals 92 cents for 8 yogurts!!!

These Progresso Bread Crumbs were on sale for $1.00. I printed off two coupons for $1.10 off each one. Equals = FREE!

What deals have you gotten lately? I would love to hear!

1 comment:

Lanie's Life said...

Awesome! I can't believe that you got the bread crumbs FREE!!!! I rarely shop Albertsons unless it is a quickie......,I'll have to spend some time with their ad!

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