Monday, March 30, 2009

The Surprise In-N-Out trip!

Well...Chase's favorite place to eat is In-N-Out. And since we've moved to Idaho, that is kinda hard to get to for lunch. Troy and I decided that when you turn 13 you REALLY NEED to have your favorite food. So, we secretly packed up the Tahoe and headed out on Saturday morning on a road trip. The boys thought we were heading to Nevada to pick up some parts for the shop. They were a little disappointed that they were wasting away a Saturday...but weren't they surprised when they saw this instead....!!!My parents and my niece were waiting for us with a birthday cake inside!
Chase enjoying his double doubleChase got the EnV phone from Oma and Poppa....he was soooo EXCITED!!! (Can ya tell?!)Since the closest In-N-Out to us is in Reno, NV we decided to stay the night at Circus Circus and let the kids play some games. They had a blast!
Even saw an acrobatic show...
All in all it was a great weekend! Chase was surprised and we got to spend a little time with my parents and Lani. What fun!

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Bike ride on the Boise Green Belt

Bike ride on the Boise Green Belt

Never know what wildlife you might see on the river

Tanner...cooling off after a long ride

Chase enjoying the Boise River

Troy and the boys.....

Tanner riding along the Green Belt

Little League Giants Chase Lind #13

Little League   Giants  Chase Lind #13


Little League White Sox Tanner Lind #4

Little League  White Sox  Tanner Lind #4