Saturday, August 7, 2010

Choosing Joy

I have to be honest. My MIA behavior on my blog (and blog reading/commenting) was not all because of my super busy schedule. Yes, we've been running around like crazy over here, but I'm also a little blogged out. Pooped. Over it.

My blogging love wanes sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I have nothing good to write about. Other times blogging can be quite overwhelming. There's a lot to deal with. A lot to keep up with. It can totally zap the joy out of writing.

Don't get me wrong, I love reading about everyone's adventures. Blogging is a fabulous way to stay in touch, keep up with current events and learn about different lifestyles. But for a while, it was bit of a chore. And things that you enjoy should never get put into the chore category.

So, I just removed myself for a bit. I stepped back and enjoyed being in real life.

A while back I read something about "choosing joy" ... living deliberately, simplifying. So, I had to do just that. But sometimes that can be hard. The pressures of "keeping up" are quite overwhelming. And I want to choose things that make my life joyful and keep my heart happy and light.

Stepping away from the computer was one of those things.

What is keeping you joyful?

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Bike ride on the Boise Green Belt

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Little League   Giants  Chase Lind #13


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Little League  White Sox  Tanner Lind #4