Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Miscellaneous February Photos

WOW, I can't believe February is almost over! It was an eventful month for us and I have oh so many pictures I haven't posted yet. So over the rest of this week I'll be showing you all what we've been up to. I wish I had some pictures to show you what a great time Chase had a winter camp, but you know how kids can be! He forgot to use the camera I packed for him until the last day. And then, shall I say, "odd" pictures were taken and most of them without a flash. Oh well, he had fun...that's all that counts. I told him next time he goes I'm going with him as his photographer...all I got was a BIG eye roll!

Tanner marking off the days till his 9th birthday... so sweet. Making Valentines for his classmates

Creating his Valentine mailbox for the class party
We got Tanner Rock Band for his birthday. It was too large to wrap so he had to go on a treasure hunt to find it.
Here we are playing ... what a fun family activity! The Star Wars ship he built in ONE DAY!
His favorite book series...a gift from Oma and Poppa for his birthday

State Quarters collector book Valentine fun at school
The Valentine mailbox
Valentine gifts from Oma and Poppa....
Yes...Chase is "sniffing" the shirt...anything from Hollister smells soooo good!
OHHHH! Pop Tarts!Making Linzer cookie hearts
Tanner's cookie from mom

This is one of my favorite pictures. Troy is vacuuming for me! It was a Valentine gift of sorts. It's not that he never helps around the house, it's just usually my job and I'm fine with that. But when I caught him doing this without being asked it just melted my heart. What a sweetie!

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Spencer Family 6 said...

We love the Hollister smell too! You can smell it in the mall like 100 feet b4 you get to the store!

Bike ride on the Boise Green Belt

Bike ride on the Boise Green Belt

Never know what wildlife you might see on the river

Tanner...cooling off after a long ride

Chase enjoying the Boise River

Troy and the boys.....

Tanner riding along the Green Belt

Little League Giants Chase Lind #13

Little League   Giants  Chase Lind #13


Little League White Sox Tanner Lind #4

Little League  White Sox  Tanner Lind #4